In the Fall of 2008, Beck Hutchinson requested from her daughters, niece, and nephews, a Christmas portrait for her mantle. They gladly accepted the challenge, but with a Victorian twist. The family’s beloved estate, Eastbank, seemed the perfect place to shoot the photos and thus, an idea was born. Why take one more plain old family photo, when you can dress up, have a theme, and make it truly unique … much like the family itself?

A theme was chosen: Victorian, and costumes were found in Granny’s closet. But with such a perfect backdrop for a Victorian Christmas, why not incorporate playacting? Such as, the family joyfully singing around the piano, listening to a sermon in the library, or dancing in the parlor.

The idea took on a life of its own when it was decided that the following Christmas would have a theme as well, but this time the whole family would be participating. Harry Potter Christmas was decided upon and characters were chosen. Christmas at Eastbank has never been the same since. Check out what we’ve been up to and all that’s to come!