Wesley is from Chatsworth, IL and is a software developer, aka geek. Wes sits on a computer all day and writes code that nobody can read except for robots and computers. He is currently working for Aerospace Products International (API). No, he's not flying airplanes, he is developing a web store and other internal applications for the company.

Sterling is from Winter Park, FL and is a cognitive science researcher, aka dork. Currently a PhD student at the University of Memphis, Sterling works in a lab where she also sits on a computer for most of the day analyzing data and writing papers that most people don't really want to read. Sometimes she gets to walk around (outside) to go to meetings, class, and the like.

Here are a few of our favorite things:
Star Wars, Gardening, Apple Products, Travel, Robots, Sci Fi, Sewing, Video Games, Nerd Stuff, Star Trek, Cupcakes, Crafts, LOTR, & Star Wars (again).

Some Fond Memories Together:
The first winter Sterling was in Chicago it snowed early that year. At midnight in mid October a few flakes began to fall. Now, being a Florida gal, Sterling was unfamiliar with the strange white substance descending from above so naturally, she ran outside full of joy and wonder, like a child. I couldn't understand why she had a twinkle in her eye and a skip in her step over only a little bit of snow. With so much joy over such a small event, it was at that moment I knew my life would always be full of new discoveries.
       Another fond memory was the first time that Wesley helped me pick impatiens seeds. You see, with a grandmother named Flora, I was slated to love gardening from the start. The building across the street from my apartment planted impatiens every spring. Well, once the seed pods were ready to pick, I would wander over and plop myself down on the sidewalk and collect seeds for my own window garden. I vividly recall my first time doing this, Wesley walked to the other end of the sidewalk and remarked to passersby "who is that strange girl sitting and collecting seeds? I certainly do not know her!". Then one day, out of the blue, when I went to collect my seeds he came and sat down next to me, helping me collect more seeds than I could carry alone. Nowadays he'll even go pick seeds without me!