If you have any questions, search no further. For those of you who are guests, here is an FAQ that might help answer any questions you may have. If you are a member of the wedding party here is some information specifically for you. If you are involved in the wedding and need the password just email.

Where is my invitation?
We sent it and you should have it. It might still be on it's way (sent week of 08/26) but if you fear it got lost in the mail you can have an electronic version.

What do I do with this french postcard?
This is your response card. Please fill it out like so:

Then stick it in the mail (it is already stamped and addressed). If you can't make it, be sure to check the 'Regretfully Declines' circle. On the back, please use the space to provide marriage advice, whimsical doodles, flattering characteristics, and/or well wishes. If you have lost this card, don't worry, you can RSVP here.

When should I arrive in Memphis?
The wedding is on the 27th, so anytime before then is A.O.K. The wedding itinerary can be found here.

What should I wear for the wedding?
Our wedding is a semi-formal event. So don't wear a dress fashioned from trash bags, but don't show up in a Cinderella gown either. October in Memphis is quite comfortable (in the low 70s), but the event will continue into the evening and it may become chilly outside, especially for Floridians. There will be an opportunity to dance for those who enjoy it, so keep that in mind when choosing shoes! Above all, please be comfortable, we really are alright with whatever you choose to wear. And if you slip up and wear something horrible, nobody will care at all anyhow. :)

What about the wedding day? What's the plan? Where is this thing happening anyhow?
Guests should arrive no earlier than 5:00 p.m. The ceremony and reception will be held at Memphis Waterworks. The ceremony starts at 5:30 p.m. Click here for a map and driving directions. Parking can be found on the streets adjacent to to the venue.

And after the wedding?
Although Wesley and Sterling had some exciting vodka-filled adventures in Kazakhstan, they would prefer not to attend any after parties. But ya'll go for it! Instead, we are planning on having brunch at a location TBA on Sunday morning. If you are from out of town and would like to join us, feel free! There will be plenty of time to catch up then.

I have a kid, is s/he invited to the wedding?
Sure your kid can come, we just ask that if s/he begins to cry/whine/yell/scream/stomp please take him/her OUTSIDE. Also, please let us know if you would prefer to sit with your child(ren) or if you are okay putting him/her at a kids' table.

I have a husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend, is s/he invited to the wedding?
Yep, just let us know when you RSVP.

I want to take pictures!
We are having an unplugged ceremony - please be present with us and witness the ceremony through your eyes, not through your lens! We've paid photographers/videographers to capture the moment(s), so please just sit back and enjoy. We promise we will share the pictures with you online here.

During the reception - have at it. Take millions of pictures if you want, but please share them with us. We will set up a photo download booth at the wedding. Plus we've set up a repository online where you can upload pictures. If you'd rather automatically upload the pics you can download our app and enter the wedding name: wesleyandsterling .

Something strange just happened
Yeah, what else is new? Don't expect this wedding to be entirely by the book, just go with it and enjoy.

What will the weather be like?
Well, check on google to make sure but it should comfortable/cool (light jacket) in October.

Where should I stay?
We suggest that you stay close to the downtown area simply as a matter of both convenience and safety. We have reserved a number of rooms for the Hutchinson/Klehm wedding at the downtown Marriott at a special rate of $109.00/night. Please call 1.877.901.6632 or 1.506.474.2009 or click here for reservations and make sure to mention the Hutchinson/Klehm Wedding. This special rate is only valid for reservations made before October 12. There are many other hotel options right downtown, close to Memphis attractions. Of course, there are plenty of beautiful hotels in the area, click here to read reviews. Feel free to just shoot us an email if you have any questions. Please don't feel confined by these suggestions!

How long will this thing last?
We will turn into pumpkins at 11:00 p.m. Plus we will have to hand over a small fortune to the venue if ya'll linger too long - so get moving. You are welcome to join us for brunch the following morning anyhow!

You didn't answer my question!
Call or email , we'll add your inquiry here.